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Tour Journal For Israel Study Tour with Roc Bottomly November 2-12, 2013

Day 8 – Jerusalem by Day

Day 8 – Jerusalem by Day

Kind of a crazy but wonderful day.  Jerusalem is so different from the other cities that we have seen and been to. People from all over the world.  Different clothing, different languages ,the smells, the noise, the traffic all make for a bit of sensory overload. I am sure the people who call Jerusalem home love all of it but the amount of people and tourists must get annoying at times.

We started our day with two surprises.  First we didn’t need to be on the busy until 8am (yay, we slept in 15 minutes) and the other surprise were eggs for breakfast.  We have had eggs before but this hotel has not served them so we Americans climbed on the bus with full happy tummies. Good thing because we expended all our calories very early.

We arrived at the site to line up for the Temple Mount at around 8:10 and the line was already very long and it would be an hour and half wait. We drove off because we had an appointment to be at The City of David and waiting that long would make us late. We then drove to the Pool of Bethesda but found out that it was closed because of a Polish dignitary was visiting and would not reopen until 2. We went over to an open area where Roc read the story of the man by the pool and Jesus’ healing him from scripture.

On to the City Of David which was great.  We took a leisurely walk past neighborhoods on one side and the remains of the temple on the other.  How would you like the remains of the temple to be your daily view? When we arrived at the City of David entrance we had to change into our water shoes.  There are signs all around that told us that Hezekiah’s tunnel was 30 inches deep in some places. We toured the City and our guide was very informative and had pictures of (probably) before and then what it looks like today. Many of us went through Hezekiah’s tunnels and enjoyed the cool water but some of us went in the dry tunnel.

We then had lunch (we sure will miss the bread here) and returned to the Temple Mount line which was still very long.  Waited for awhile but when we realized we would not get in again, our guide (have I said how fantastic he is)took us over to the Austrian Hospice or hotel where we could go out on there roof.  Pretty close to the tTemple Mount and we could see how big the Temple must have been. Saw Dome on the Rock a very fancy tribute to Islam but not a mosque.  There is also a mosque on top.

We returned to the Pool of Bethesda which actually means House of Grace.  We did see the pools (huge by even todays standards) and also saw the Church of St Ann.  We actually sang in the church because the acoustics are wonderful and we wanted to test them.

Back on the bus at around 4:30 and the bus driver dropped some of us off at the Joppa gate so we could go to the Western or Wailing Wall.  That is the only part of the Temple still standing.  The rest of the group went back to the Hotel to wait for dinner and to give our “tootsies a rest”.

I could write much more about today.  Roc had some great things to say.  I could say much more about the sites we saw but I am leaving this all up to the person you know on this trip. Tomorrow is a 5:15 wake up call and for now …This Battery is Exhausted!

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