Tour Journal For Israel Study Tour with Crossroads Bible Church June 21-July 3, 2013

Day 4 – Spirit Breathed

Day 4 – Spirit Breathed

The Bible has come alive. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Here in this place it breathes life to the Word in a way that words can’t describe. To see it and feel it and walk on the land and experience the physical straining has given me a new understanding of HIS people, HIS ways, and HIS love for us. Growing up a believer I can say that my head has grown to love Jesus. But in this place my heart is breathing new life into this body. My HEART understands the WORD IN NEW AND AMAZING WAYS. I am sure that there would have been no way to have grown in depth unless I experienced what our Saviour experienced with  my own feet. The desert……. the hard places. Many of you know that our family has walked through many hard places with the life of our daughter Saraiah; Each day a new and beautiful desert. I say beautiful, because it is in the desert that my faith has grown deep and it has grown even deeper by walking up a mountain, not knowing how I was going to take the next step, not knowing what was at the top or how I was going to get to the next breath. He sustains us, he draws us near to him, he tests us to make sure that we love him. As in Deuteronomy…I have led you to this place (desert) because I want to know that you love me. DO we love him enough to walk through the desert with him? Today I hiked the biggest mountain I have ever climbed in my life. Right where Jesus was baptized and the Spirit breathed life into HIM. I was given new life when I accepted Christ, but a new life has been put in me. I want to continue to serve him, with all my heart and soul and mind. I want to be set apart for his glory. He is the repairer and he is teaching me to be a repairer to the world that doesn’t know him. We are blessed to have a community of believers that love Jesus like this, and it is even more a blessing to have a humble leader in Rod and Libby Vansolkema. Thank you for teaching us the word with diligence and such passion. Thank you Jesus for loving us.

—Veronica Hamlet

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