Tour Journal For Israel Study Tour with The Well Community Church June 19-30, 2013

Remember Never Forget

Remember Never Forget

Take a moment to stop and think, when we pause where do our thoughts go? Do they think about the next thing that is on our to do list, or do you remember the one who we ultimately live for. Take a Selah moment, a moment to stop and remember our Father. We are blessed, those of us that came on this trip are extremely blessed! Not just because of the things we learned, but because those of you reading this support us, love us, and can’t wait for us to get home. However, as we step back onto American soil we have a lot to remember, so we need  to pause. Those of you around us, as you hear stories, see pictures, and begin to see the joy in our eyes. If it fades, if we forget, bring us back to remembrance. This trip changes us, if you are reading this and haven’t come to Israel, come! Don’t be intimidated by the news, what you hear is not what we have seen. This is the most beautiful place, and it feels like a second home. As we leave this amazing place I have a heavy heart, however I remember what we saw at the garden tomb, “He is not here, He is risen”. In my mind there is a third line to that, and He lives in me! How amazing, all these sights that we have seen over the past 11 days would be meaningless if that weren’t true. Jesus is alive and He lives in our hearts. So whether we are standing at the pool of Siloam where Jesus healed the blind man or are at the park with a bible on our lap remember, remember that He is with us, and that He is coming back. I hate to say that this is the end, but we have walked the land, studied the text and as Ezra 7:10 says, it is time for us to teach. Teach about the things we have seen and learned. Pray For us as we get ready to travel, we will see you very soon.

Thank you

Shalom in Him

—Evan Whitaker


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