Tour Journal For Israel Study Tour with The Well Community Church June 19-30, 2013

Day 7 – Land of Milk and Honey

Day 7 – Land of Milk and Honey

Greetings bloggers from the land of milk and honey.  We have spent the day in Jesus’ neighborhood.  We were in awe when we woke up this morning to view the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus calmed even the troubled sea.  50% of Israel’s 8 million of the population live in the Galilee area.  Production from this area include cattle, peanuts, dates, sunflower seeds, corn, wheat among others.  We visited Cana the site of Jesus’ first miracle. Today we stood at the top of a mountain overlooking the town of Nazareth and the Jezreel Valley.  Jezreel means God will plant his seed. This Nazareth area was the most important crossroad during Jesus’ time.  It is so exciting to be in Jesus’ classroom where He taught his life changing message. Next we visited the site of Megiddo, a 5000 year old city.  This area of the Jezreel Valley is where Armageddon will happen and our Savior will com eback again and reign as King for a  thousand years.  Halelujah! We visited the Old Testement site of Mt. Carmel.  Mt. Carmel is where Elijah meet with the 450 prophets of Baal. Elijah built an altar with 12 stones 11 gallons of water a killed bull and poured more water he called on God and fire came down and consumed all the water, stones, bull nothing was left. What a mighty God we serve. Next we visited Caesarea  a very large city built by Herod and named for the Ceasar in Rome. Caesarea was the location of Paul’s pleading before traveling to Rome. I have a huge missionary heart, so when I stood in Caeserea I felt a beautiful heaviness on my heart because I was able to stand in a place where paul took three missionary journeys. To me it has already started bringing my bible to life, so my encouragement to all who read this is if you ever get the opportunity to come to Israel come, it will change your life forever. —James and Patricia White

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