Tour Journal For Israel Study Tour with The Well Community Church June 19-30, 2013

Day 6 – Extravagance and Compromise

Day 6 – Extravagance and Compromise

Greetings from the Galilee.  What a privilage it is to walk in the holy land of our Messiah who came down and met us at this place; in this state.  Walking in the dust of our Lord has been a meaningful experience for each and every one of us as we continue on this journey of a lifetime.  It seems that if a summary of this trip so far could be made, it would be that our Father in heaven is bigger than anything any of us can comprehend.  He has a plan for this world and knows what he is doing.  It has been an incredible experience to explore the life of jesus as not onlyour Lord and savior, but as a human being who was part of this world and related to us through his overcoming of trial and temptation.  I just cannot get enough of how much of a privilage and blessing it is to be here and cannot wait to share all our experiences with you in person.

Day six of our journey was a lighter day for us.  As this trip has been nonstop from the beginning, Ronan, our tour guide, and company thought it would be appropriate to have somewhat of a rest day.  We still got to visit a couple sites however.  Our first stop for the morning devotion landed us in the area of the decapolis in a synagogue that is considered a memorial to the man possessed by the demon, Legion (or Crazy Larry as some of you might know him).  Dave taught a great lesson on how we as followers of Christ can be light in the world wherever we are planted.  We then headed to Beth She’an.  Being the capitol of the Roman decapolis is east Galilee, Beth She’an became a huge community center known for its extravagance and worship of pagan gods.  Here we recieved a beautiful reminder of how we as Christians can be prone to falling into the traps of this world.  After a great tour of the site by Ronan, we had a great discussion on being salt and light in the places in this world that seem to be consumed by darkness.  We then headed to a new site called Bet Alpha.  At Bet Alpha we learned about an example of compromise as the synagogue of the town featured a mosaic of the pagan zodiac along with Biblical stories.  Behind the beautiful piece of ancient art was a story of compromise that we are still dealing with today.  Do we compromise our Lord by worhiping him along with the things of this world?  Our last stop of the day was at the Pools of Herod.  At these same pools God tested Gideon in Judges 7 by trimming down his large army to just a mere 300 to defeat the Philistines.  At the Pools we swam, played with fish, laughed, ate Magnum bars, and just enjoyed community with each other.  To end the day we all went out for a nice dinner at a local En Gev seafood restaurant to try the St. Peters fish, the token fish of the Sea of Galilee.  Great people, great times, great laughs, great God.  Thank you all for continuing to follow us on this journey of a lifetime.


—Mitch Ford

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