Tour Journal For Israel Study Tour with Joshua Wilderness April 2-15, 2013

Day 8 – Seeing What Our Savior Saw

Day 8 – Seeing What Our Savior Saw

Hello parents, friends, and likefellow! Daniel here and I am pleased to report that we have had another successful and safe day in the Holy Land.

We started the day out with going to a panoramic view of the southern part of Jerusalem and listening to a devotional which was given by Brian Newman. We were able to see the Dome of the Rock from where we were, and it was an awesome vantage point from which to see the city. As I looked and took it all in, I was struck by how lost and confused this place was. In his devotional, Brian mentioned how Jerusalem, the city of peace, has no peace. I got to thinking afterwards that we, as Christians, could be doing so much more to spread the Word and live Shema.

Next, we ventured to Yad Vashem, the holocaust memorial museum. Ronen, the tour guide for Bus 1, told us a little history of the holocaust and how we should never forget. The first room he took us into had an eternal flame burning for all of the victims of this atrocity. On the floor, the names of all the death camps were displayed, and the floor was made out of 6 million tiles, all laid by hand, in order that we can see the number of Jews that were killed and never forget them. What came next was the hardest part of the museum for me: the children’s memorial. There were 1.5 million Jewish children killed during the holocaust. Inside the memorial, there were 5 candles burning, and mirrors reflected the light to make it 1.5 million lights that were shown in the room. The names of the children were read off along with their ages. I have a hard enough time being reminded of the horrors of the holocaust, and I start crying when I remember that so many children were murdered as well.

We spent the rest of the day in the Old City of Jerusalem. I was so excited to be able to see the place that Jesus is going to enter when he comes back the second time! We started our tour off by going under the main part of the city today and we went downstairs a little ways to the city that existed at the time of Christ. It was so cool to be able to see what our Savior saw and witness what the city looked like when he was around. We went a little deeper and saw how the city looked at the time of David. Ronen gave us some cool lessons about the history of the building of the city. For instance, there is a stone beneath the city called “Einstein”, which means “one stone” because it is in fact one solid chunk of limestone weighing 600 tons. It was really neat to be able to learn the unseen history of the city as well as the visible history. We were then given the opportunity to go and pray at the Western Wall, or Wailing Wall. I went to the wall and was so overwhelmed that I was in God’s holy city praying. I am so thankful for the experience, because it was unlike any other.

Today ended with us receiving our class rings and the whole class was pretty excited over that.

Overall, it has been a very good day and another day of living for Him.

Daniel Bartlett

P.S. I love you mom!

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