Tour Journal For Israel Study Tour with Joshua Wilderness April 2-15, 2013

Day 2 – A Day in the Desert

Day 2 – A Day in the Desert

Today was a good day. A fantastic day, in fact! We really enjoyed it. We experienced Israel rain, walked through the desert, and rode camels! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the beginning.

Breakfast was delicious. Lainie tried some food that contained dairy, so she isn’t feeling real good right now, but will be just fine. We said the Sh’ma at the Dead Sea. (Incredible!) Then we began our adventures through the Judah Wilderness. Unlike the hot, dry weather we had expected to go along with a “desert”, we experienced rain (a rarity in Israel). Our first stop was at a really neat tamarisk tree and the ruins of Tel Arad, where Rich taught us several lessons (about the history of the land and leaving a heritage and practices of hospitality), but we departed early due to the weather.

We made our way to Ein Avdat, a spring within the ravine of the Wilderness of Zin. This spot is referred to as the “Grand Canyon of Israel”. It was stunning. We hiked along the spring and stopped at a grove of trees. Here we sat among “trees planted by streams of water”, like those written about in the Psalms. Rich paralleled this spot to our lives and the time in Joshua; keeping our roots near the living water.

We continued our walk, which turned into a hike up the walls of the canyon. Once at the top, Rich lead us into the Wilderness of Zin. We experienced half an hour of what the Israelites experienced for forty years—wandering in the desert, without knowing quite where they were going, trusting Moses/ Rich and God to lead. Suddenly, we came upon a camel farm. Yes, we rode camels! And it was a blast. Thrilling! We were “camel buddies”, riding together in a caravan, of sorts, through the desert. It was so cool. Very exciting. Shiloh would like to have her own camel for transportation.

At the end of the ride we got to visit with a Bedouin man, who talked to us about the culture and hospitality. We had some coffee and tea and treats before departing once again.

Now we are pulling up to our hotel, an early end of a great day. It’s time to get our swimsuits on! The Dead Sea is awaiting us for an afternoon on the beach.

Yom tov (good day), Lainie and Shiloh

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