Tour Journal For Israel & Turkey Study Tour October 9-19, 2012

Day 3 – Jerusalem

Day 3 – Jerusalem

In Jerusalem for the Sabbath! We’ve had a great time of learning and rest and restoration today. It was much needed for most of us. On our last full day in The Land we’ve been able to learn about some of the customs surrounding the Sabbath that Jesus would have taken part in, and gotten to gain some new insights into what it means that Jesus is the logos.

The Sabbath started last night at sundown, because, as we read in the traditional Jewish Torah portion assigned for the day, “Evening and morning were the first day”. In the hotel there were many Orthodox Jews celebrating Shabbat, and Bill briefly explained some of the ways they set apart the Sabbath, including the ceremonial handwashing and the Blessing for the Bread (which Yeshua probably prayed!). Then, in the spirit of rest, we were able to retire to our rooms after dinner to relax or sleep.

After breakfast we all met in the hotel lobby and Bill gave a short teaching on Genesis 1, which was read in synagogues all over the world today. He explained how the Jewish Rabbis have taught that God’s Word in Genesis was actually an extension of His nature, and not separate from Him, and that they taught it was actually that Word which did the creating. Of course, for use as believers in Jesus as the Messiah, that takes on a huge new significance. Jesus’ talmid John starts his version of the story of Jesus’ life by saying that Jesus was the Word. So once again we see that what the Jewish people believed about God and His Messiah was totally consistent with who Yeshua was.

During the afternoon we all walked to the old city and talked with Bill and asked questions and were able to see the city where Messiah will one day return (Speedily and in our days!). We’ve started to learn about why the Jewish people can believe so many things about who the Messiah will be, things that Jesus was, but are unable to see the Truth about His identity. Things like the crusades, and the re-imaging Him as a European-looking man who told people to stop obeying the things God (which, in Yeshua’s case, was Himself) had commanded. And we heard how, slowly, the Jewish people are starting to open their ears to the possibility that this Rabbi from Nazareth might have been ‘Kosher’ after all.

We were given a chance to pray at the Western Wall, the last remaining section of the foundation of the Temple Mount, and then we made our way back through the Old City and had a seat just outside the Jaffa Gate for another teaching.

Bill took us through the Text in a word-study of the Hebrew word derech– way. Then we looked at how Yeshua used the word in reference to Himself, saying, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” His followers were called “The Way” in Acts 14. Derech is the path, the way to walk, the road to Life. It’s how to follow the Master.

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