Tour Journal For Israel & Turkey Study Tour October 9-19, 2012

Day 1 – So Many Things

Day 1 – So Many Things

Touring Day 1:

After arriving in The Land safely and meeting up with our Israeli guide, our driver and the last member of our group, there was neither energy nor daylight for us to make it to any sites yesterday (Wednesday). Once we checked in to our hotel in Tel Aviv, right on the Mediterranean Sea, we met for our first teaching together. Jet lag made sure that though exhausted, we were mostly (except Dave, by his own confession this evening) awake.

Bill jumped right in to teaching on everything we would need to be able to get the most out of the next couple days in Israel before we head into the Diaspora as we follow the paths Yeshua (Jesus)’s disciples took two thousand years ago. Before we even got to the first site Bill taught on everything from the significance of the talmidim (disciples) writing in the Greek language, to the role of Ezra the Scribe and the development of the rabbinic and synagogue structures in Judaism, to some basic archaeology terms.

Bright and early the teaching resumed when we got back on the bus. Our Israeli tour guide, Yehuda, shared the mic on the bus this morning and filled us in on some information about the modern state of Israel as we drove the two hours north to Mt. Arbel on the Sea of Galilee. Between our Israeli guide and our American one, there were few minutes on that ride which were not filled with commentary on the Land, the People, and the Bible.

From on top of Arbel we learned about the Galilee. We could see everything. Because of the limited time in Israel on this tour, Bill pointed out many of the important biblical landmarks which we won’t be able to stop at, and he gave a brief overview of each. (Overview. Get it? We were on the top of a mountain looking across on it all. Ok. Nevermind.) Then some of the group climbed down the cliff and mountain and got a little taste of what it might have been like to live in the caves in the side, like the 1st Century BCE Jews did.

Lunch was the first time to try falafel for a lot of us, and then we were on our way to the second stop of the day, Korazim. The town was a great place to learn many random bits and pieces which will hopefully start to seam together over the next week or so. Things like the fact that Jesus probably worked mostly with stone and not wood (sorry Ray). The teaching on ancient Jewish family life, especially community and marriage, gave a deep insight into the last Passover meal that Yeshua shared with His talmidim.

The last big stop of the day was Capernaum, where Bill talked about the significance of Jesus teaching and ministering from a town known for producing Bible Teacher, a town known as a center for the study of Torah (The Teachings of Moses, the Pentateuch). And about the Hebrew idea of repentance, tshuvah.  And about the centurion whose servant Jesus healed- the centurion who built the synagogue there. And about volcanoes and millstones. And stuff.

There are so many other things that we learned through the answers to questions, and through comments, and in the main lessons. And this is only Day One. We’re just getting started. It’s like our study of the Scriptures- we’re 3500 years in to the project of plumbing the depths of His revelation.

And we’re just getting started. All we’ve learned here today proves it.

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