Tour Journal For Crossroads Bible Church Israel Study Tour June 22-July 4, 2012

Day 8 – Who Do You Say That I Am?

Day 8 – Who Do You Say That I Am?

Shabbat shalom!

We started our morning with breakfast and devotions at my favorite hotel on the sea of Galilee. We drove up to the Golan Heights to the fortress of Gamla where we learned about the Zealots who lived there in defiance to Rome. They had a knife in one hand and the Torah in the other. They loved God but hated their enemies. They didn’t want to become Rome. Their battle cry was Lord save us. We heard the story of Josephus who was the last man left at Gamla when the Romans overtook the mountain and killed 4000 people and forced 5000 to jump off the cliff to their death. Josephus became the historian for Rome and writes the whole story of the Jews that we can read still today.

Gamla was never rebuilt after it was destroyed in 66 AD. The synagogue we sat in in Gamla is he oldest synagogue uncovered in the world. And they are very sure Jesus spoke there, a 9.7 on Meyers scale. Jesus read the Torah here and taught in this synagogue (mark 1:39). We learned about the synagogue here….what happened there, who went there, and how to recognize a synagogue. We also learned about the ceremony at the synagogue and how much the people love the Torah.

We also talked about the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. He told the disciples to feed them…..he was discipling them and teaching them they can do what’s humanly impossible (Ephesians 3:20). We talked about how Jesus is the living bread.

Emily and David (Libby’s cousin) joined us on this hike. Thy taught us about Shabbat and how it is a gift.

Next we talked north though the Golan Heights and learned from Nadav about the history of Israel in regards to their relationships with Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. We also learned about the current conflicts inn Israel from the perspective of Nadav, our Israeli guide and friend. As we drove we were literally a stones throw from Syria.

Next we visited Dan. We saw a clay stone city gate that is one of the greatest discoveries ever. It is most likely a place where Abraham walked. Dan left their inheritance to move here. We could see why….it was like Eden…..flowing with water from Mt. Hermon with lush trees and springs of living water. We learned about the story in 1 Kings 12 when an altar with golden calf was built to God.

Next we went to Cesarea Philippi where we learned they worship the god pan. Jesus brought his disciples here to ask them a question: who do men say I am? Peter answered: you are Jesus Christ, the Messiah. And Jesus said: on this rock i’ll build my church. We had a great conversation about parenting. We talked about being students of our children, students of the Word, and of our culture.

Lastly, we went to Susida where we studied the stories of Jesus crossing the sea in a boat with the disciples.Then we read the story of the demon possessed man and Jesus called the demon into the sea from the man. Then Jesus told the man to go home and tell everyone what happened so they could see the finger of God through his testimony. And we asked… we have a time when we have seen the finger of God working and can give testimony of Jesus to those around us? We each placed a standing stone on the pile to represent a person we each want to see the finger of God touch!

Lindsey Amey

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