Tour Journal For Crossroads Bible Church Israel Study Tour June 22-July 4, 2012

Day 5 – Living Water

Day 5 – Living Water

En Gedi. The safe place David fled to after being pursued by Saul is also the breath-taking place we got to experience today! En Gedi is a spring of living water nestled into a wadi, or riverbed, in the Judah wilderness. After some intense hiking in the dry, hot desert for three days, we were awed to see God’s provision of water. It is hard to describe how life-giving this oasis was and is. As we stood under a waterfall of En Gedi, we were reminded that God is living water to us in a dry and weary land. We were challenged with forsaking the broken cisterns we have dug for ourselves and drinking of His never ending life!

After a challenging but rewarding hike through En Gedi, we visited Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. We discovered that the Essenes we’re devout Sadducees who moved to the desert for a couple years at a time to learn and live the Torah. As is stated in Isaiah 35 and 40, they were preparing the way of the Lord! Not only was this one of, if not THE greatest discovery in biblical archaeology, the way of the Essenes teaches us about loving God enough to forsake all position and possessions to enter the wilderness for the sake of knowing Him.

May each of you dear family and friends drink your fill of the Living after, forsake broken cisterns, and become maim kaim the world! May you, along with us, prepare the way of the Lord!

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