Tour Journal For Hume Lake & The Well Community Church June 19-29, 2012

Day 9 – More Than Tears

Day 9 – More Than Tears

“Hush, hush … they will hear you and they will kill us”
– a Jewish mother to her child, hiding from the nazis

We walked through the Holocaust memorial In Jerusalem today, it was a challenge to keep from openly sobbing. The images were powerful, shoes from the dead, children who never grew up, love letters thrown in desperation from train cars carying lovers to their deaths.

As I looked in to the eyes of the deceased my tears were hard to contain, they were so young, so beautiful, so handsome. In this place I am compelled to tears. As I was standing there I wonder: am I just moved to tears or do I genuinely care? Emotion is easy, tears are easy; but caring requires more, truly caring requires action. Will you give, will you fight, will you change?

We began our day In the garden of Gethsemane on the Mount Of Olives. On that mountain Jesus himself was moved to tears. Tears for Jerusalem. Yet we see in Jesus more than tears—we see action. The proof of the genuine caring of Jesus is not proven with tears on the Mount of Olives it is proven with blood on Golgotha. Today I placed my hand on the hill of Golgotha, I was humbled, and I know; I must care more, I must do more.

As we walked through a memorial for the jewish children who died during the holocaust the woman behind me broke down in tears as a million and a half lights shined one for every child who was murdered. As we exited the memorial I noticed a donation box and in the box was one dollar…one. A million and a half lights, a million and a half tears….one dollar.

Caring requires more, caring requires action!

On this trip we have looked in to the eyes of history, the history of Israel. We have learned and seen so much. May what we have learned compel us to change, to care, to do.

Audio from this day
Brad Teaching Mt. of Olives 1
Singing in St Annes

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