Tour Journal For Come and Learn To Walk Israel Study Tour June 10-24, 2012

Day 5 – Masada

Day 5 – Masada

Started the day on an overlook with the Salt Sea in the background. Shema and then north into the desert to Arad – a Canaanite city on one hilltop and an Israeli fortification on a higher hilltop. Arad is the southernmost israeli city on the patriarchal trail – critical for the security of Jerusalm some thirty miles to the north. Very interesting but the big event was traveling into the judean wilderness to Masada

Heard an excellent message about the meaning of the word Masada, then climbed up more than 1300 feet to a site that looks literally as though the top of a desert mountaintop was flattened to make way for an unbelievable fortress dating (initially as a less developed waypoint) back some 4000 BCE. Then around 63 BCE it was held by the Romans until about 66 AD – Herod developed the site as an enormous and lavish compound with a northern palace hanging off the side of the mountain. Zealots, 960 as Josephus records, recovered possession as part of the revolt against Rome and withstood a two year siege from more than 10,000 Roman soldiers before falling.

I can’t fully describe the site or the powerful messages of history, faithfulness, or importance of Masada – we were there for at least 3 hours and could easily have stayed all day and still not seen everything! Amazing in so many ways!

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