Tour Journal For Frisco Bible Church "All The Difference" Study Tour June 10-23, 2012

Day 5 – Transjordan

Day 5 – Transjordan

By Matt Lantz

Today was a BIG day! We woke up and enjoyed one last morning on the Sea of Galilee before heading south to the Decapolis city of Bet Shean. There, Wayne introduced us to the Biblical significance of the city first – namely the place where Saul’s body was hung after his death and how (and why) the men of Jabesh Gilead came to rescue Saul’s body. Then we had a chance to tour the ruins of a most amazing Roman city . As we walked about the city we considered how simple fishermen from Galilee could have shared the Gospel there.

Once we finished visiting Bet Shean, we began to make our way across the border into Jordan. It was a somewhat lengthy process to make our way across the border into Jordan, but after several hours we made it to our second site of the day: Jerash. If we were amazed by the ruins at Bet Shean, we were completely floored by what we saw at Jerash. Not only was it multiple times bigger and more ornate, Wayne brought up the point that only when we are unified together as brothers and sisters in Christ can we possibly win over a city of Jerash’s magnitude.

We ended our day with a drive down to the Salt Sea where we will enjoy a dip first thing tomorrow morning!

The weather continues to be very hot here, but we’re not letting it get us down. We continue to have grateful hearts and open ears so that we will not miss anything that God may choose to show us. As always we appreciate your prayers, so please keep those coming.

We’re not sure about the certainty of good internet in Jordan, so if we miss a post over the next few days, that’s the reason why. We’ll post as often as we have reliable internet.


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