Tour Journal For Israel Study Tour with Rich Ferreira January 3-10, 2012

Day 1 – A Little More Real

Day 1 – A Little More Real

First Full Day
There is no way that I can summarize the first long day in Israel.  I don’t know that I’ve had enough time to fully process all of the information, images, and emotion of all that we’ve seen today.  We are physically exhausted, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that our hearts and our minds are full.  I liked what Lenny Harris said today when he was giving his talk at Capernaum.  He said that he was not ready for the emotions that he felt as he walked about the sites today.  It is truly an overwhelming experience.

My parents have been here several times.  I have several mentors that have been here several times.  I have accountability brothers that have studied here and lived here for a season.  They all describe the experience in much the same way—that the Word of God becomes more real when you read the actual passage of Scripture at the location where the events occurred.  They all tell me how they will never read Scripture the same again, and after just one day, I can honestly tell you that I will probably never look at Scripture again in the same way that I have before.  They all come back just so much more excited and passionate about the Scriptures.  They say that it is just a little more real.

Now I can picture exactly how far and how high these sites are.  I will read the story and point in the right direction that the characters in the Bible probably pointed.  I have heard the proper Hebraic pronunciation of the names of people and villages that I have butchered for years.  I will take better care of how I say the names because I understand that the names of things have a much deeper and many times simpler meaning that we miss because I just do not know.

Tomorrow we will check out Korazin, but I know right now that I have a responsibility to share this renewed passion to handle the Scriptures with just a little more care.  I don’t want anyone to say of my teaching Scripture  “Woe,” but rather “Whoa!”  I know that we’ll read that passage tomorrow.  I know that we’ll be emotionally overwhelmed by the experience, but I also know that we will all be overflowing with a renewed passion for teaching the Scriptures.  I am actually pretty excited for you to sit under the teaching of any of the guys on this trip.  Hopefully their excitement will overflow, and you too will experience a renewed passion and excitement to read and experience Scripture.  You don’t necessarily have to come here for that.

Take care,
Lem Usita

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