Tour Journal For Come and Learn to Walk June 16-29, 2011

Day 3 – Growing Together

Day 3 – Growing Together

First and foremost, our group is now complete thanks to the arrival of 5 of our members. After 3 days of travel, and not having slept in a bed, they were delighted to be with us, and we are so delighted as well.

Family check is officially complete! :-)

We started our studies today at Beersheba where Abraham, the father of our faith, was the focus of our attention. There, we discover that Abraham invested in future generations by planting a tamarisk (אשל) tree (Genesis 21:33). He also exemplifies overwhelming hospitality to strangers (Genesis 18), and that, after “major surgery,” (Genesis 17). His obedience and faithfulness is an inspiration and challenge to us all to think, and consider, the young, and the stranger.

The tel of Beersheva gives us further pictures into Israelite civilization during the Iron Age period, and how space and life worked within their culture. Thus, when the Bible says there was “no place for them in the inn,” (ESV) we learn that the word “inn”–καταλυμα–really means “guest room” or “spare room” and perhaps there is more going on, societally, than we may have previously thought.

After walking through the cistern, we made our way to Wadi Zin (Zin-צן-) to first pay our respects to David Ben Gurion and then off for a good hike through the Negev desert. Our group greatly appreciated getting to know what the desert “feels” like, not just hot and fearful, but also beautiful and captivating.

A sharing time in the Wadi proved to us that we have incredible people in our group–parents, grandparents, children, engineers, teachers, students, chemists, geologists, philosophers–amazing people who have come together to learn, discover, journey, and grow together. Baruch HaShem (ברוך השם)!

Our last stop at Avdat gave us a glimpse into the Nabatean world, and introduced us to the wrestling of Jewish and Christian history and relations as we saw the tombstone with both a cross and Menorah after the inscription.

And there was evening, and there was morning. Day three.
(ויהי ערב ויהי בוקר יום שלישי)

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