About Our Study Tours

Guided Experiences

Our seasoned guides and knowledgable teachers do so much more than handle the details and keep things on schedule. Our local guides have personal experience and intimate knowledge of the places and events you'll examine, and our teachers have a shepherds heart and a passion for God's word.

Local Guides

The best thing you can have when traveling in any foreign place is a local guide—a guide who not only knows the shortcuts, the sites, and the language, but a guide who also knows when those shortcuts are appropriate, the history of each site, and the culture behind the language. The guides we partner with live up to these ideals, and are a valued part of our team. In fact, you'll probably find yourself trying to walk next to them from site to site just to soak up the stories and experiences they have to offer.

Experienced & Equipped Teachers

Each of our teachers has a deep understanding of God's Word, and has been trained and equipped to use the land of the Bible as a vivid teaching tool. While most of our teachers have been to Israel and the surrounding areas half a dozen times at least, all of our teachers have been mentored through the teaching experience by a veteran instructor. Their presentations at each site are focused and insightful, and their personal interactions with the participants throughout the trip are often one of the highlights.

Customized Difficulty Levels

Because some destinations require vigorous walking and hiking, and others are easily accessible by vehicles and short walking paths, our teachers and guides are able to mix and match to meet the desires and capabilities of the trip participants. Most of our tours are strenuous, because we have found that some of the best sites require some extra work to get to. Just let us know what style trip you are interested in.