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Frequently Asked Questions

How strenuous are the trips?

Each trip is different and can vary in the amount of hiking that is required. A GTI representative can help you choose which leader and tour is best for you. It is important to remember that a lot of Israel is on a hill and that even the most simple tours still require a good amount of walking to get from location to location. This is also what sets a GTI study tour apart from other tours, in that we go to many locations other groups miss due to the hiking involved. We strongly recommend physical training before the trip, that includes cardio and strength training. Climbing stairs, riding a bike, and long walks are well worth your time. The more you can prepare your body, the more you will be able to learn on site. You will also need good hiking shoes or boots. The ground is very rocky and uneven so it is important that your shoes have excellent support and are well broken in.

How much extra money do you need to bring?

The truth is that besides souvenirs and an occasional ice-cream or soda you do not need to bring any extra money, as your tour cost covers everything from airfare to lodging, food and tips.

Which tour leader should I go with?

We work alongside many well-trained tour leaders and will help you choose the right tour that will suite your style and physical level. Each tour has the same GTI components but will differ depending on the personality and style of the different tour leaders.

Which of the three trip locations should I choose (Israel, Egypt or Turkey)?

This is a difficult question as each of the tour locations has their own distinct feel. Depending on what part of the Bible you want to study will help us direct you to the right tour. Past tours have shown that many first time participants end up coming back and experiencing the other tours to get the full story of the Bible.

Should I buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not expensive and is only to your benefit if you choose for any reason not to join the tour less than 90 days prior to departure. If GTI cancels or postpones the tour, your funds would not be at risk. We do not sell travel insurance but refer our people to Their toll free number is 1-877-248-8992 if you have questions.

Is the Middle East safe?

The answer is yes and most participants that go would say that they feel as safe in the Middle East as they do at home. Be careful as you watch the news or read the paper as what is reported is usually just the negative things happening rather then what is the norm. One of the main sources of income in the Middle East is tourism and they go out of their way to make sure tourist feel safe and are attended to. We work daily with our local guides and tour companies in the different countries to make sure your tour is safe and all your needs are taken care of.