About Our Study Tours

All Inclusive

We've built into our study tours everything you need for an enjoyable and educational trip. We want you to be fully focused on the lessons and experiences you'll encounter, and not be distracted by local tipping practices, transportation plans, or meal planning.

Meals & Gratuities

On a typical vacation, a specific budget is set aside for food, tips, fuel, etc. On a GTI Study Tour, not only do we plan when and where we'll eat, but we've also included the cost of all meals and tips into the cost of your trip. Once again, this releases you from having to spend time and energy trying to find a reputable, healthy restaurant or vendor, and instead frees you up to fully engage with your surroundings and the other people on your trip.

Travel Gear & Study Materials

More than simple souvenirs, the backpack, curriculum, and journal are required in order for you to get the most out of your trip. While the difficulty of each trip is tailored to the abilities of the participants, our guides and teachers will be pushing you to get the most out of every minute of daylight. You'll be filling every page in your journal as you capture and record what you see and learn, and you'll be dependent on your backpack throughout the trip to stay hydrated, keep your hands free and your belongings secure.

Lodging & Transportation

While the walking, hiking, and sight-seeing receive the most attention, the transportation to and from the various sites, and the lodging arrangements in between days are just as important, and even vital to the success and enjoyment of a visit to the Holy Land. The buses we charter are spacious, comfortable, and a welcome respite from being on your feet, and the lodging will provide you the rest you need to be ready for the next day of your adventure.