About gti

GTI Tours is a Christian owned and operated full service tour operator specializing in ministry travel since 1992.

Our biblical Study Tours are all-inclusive guided trips that bring Scripture to life through a first-hand encounter with the land and lessons of the Bible.

We have facilitated over 500 Biblical study tours to Israel, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, and Egypt. Our tours are designed to give participants a true understanding of the land and the culture in which the Bible was written. The rabbinic model of learning through personal discovery using head, heart, hands and feet enables the participant to see, feel and understand accounts of the Bible as they were. Itineraries are designed to enhance faith lessons, combining cultural history with biblical teaching and scriptural importance.

From our local travel specialists to our international ground support staff, drivers and guides are considered to be some of the world's best in providing courteous, knowledgeable, professional services. All the details are handled with great care and intent to ensure a memorable experience.

Our Mission

Bring honor to God by using our travel expertise to facilitate life-changing experiences for study tour participants.


"What I experienced is comparable to going to seminary as you will never read the Bible the same way again - you cannot help but be changed as you walk the land that helped shape the scriptures and the people in them. Whether you are a college-age student or someone further along in life, this trip will challenge you and help deepen your understanding of God."

— Rich Ferreira, Hume Lake, California

"This trip made me examine myself deeply. I was confronted over and over with the Shema - and the question "Do you really love me with all your heart, soul and might?". I described my experience at the end of the trip as feeling a bit like Peter and being asked "Do you love me?" in three specific ways - culminating at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. In Qumran I felt God asking "Do you love me - do you love my text the way the Essenes did?". At Masada and at Gamla, I felt God asking "Do you love me - and what are you willing to do, are you willing to give up everything for me?". And capping of the experience at the Western Wall on Sabbath I felt God asking "Do you love me - do you love me with everything in you the way these people do?". Hard questions - and hard answers to answer honestly. My prayer is that because of this trip I will be able to answer as Peter, "Lord, yes. You know that I love you."

— Jeff Abel, Director of Student Development, Focus on the Family Institute

"The trip was amazing - a cultural challenge to the western, suburban, American church that will force you to go deeper in your understanding and relationship with the Jesus of the Scriptures."

— Donnie Butkus, Yakima, WA

"By exposing us to the geography, history, and Jewish cultural setting of the Bible, we were able to meet our God in a more complex and fascinating way--an experience that will strengthen our daily walk with our Lord."

— Bob and Arla Gabrielse, Wheatfield, IN

"Without exaggerating, this was the best trip I have EVER been on...and I have been on a ton!"

— Doug McBride, Alamo, CA

"I learned more about life of Jesus, our Jewish heritage and the Hebrew Bible in two weeks than my whole life combined... literally... it was the most moving, touching and inspiring trip of my trip."

— Jennifer Rice, Redwood City, CA

"I saw God's wisdom revealed in the text in ways that I had never seen before and it gave me a much greater appreciation for the Biblical text."

— Doug Mulder, Clinton, MI

Partial Client List

  • Bethany Christian Services
  • Calvary Church, Ed Dobson
  • Central Wesleyan Church, Holland, Michigan
  • Christian Schools International
  • Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Dream for Africa, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson
  • Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • For H.I.M Ministries
  • Gospel Association of India
  • High Adventure Ministries, Ben Kinchlow
  • Hope College, Holland, Michigan
  • In Network Ministries
  • In The Footsteps of the Apostles, Dr. Tim Brown
  • International Aide
  • John Stoker Ministries, Loveland, Colorado
  • Liberty Christian Schools
  • Luke Society
  • McCune Medial Missions
  • Mission Partners International
  • Navigators
  • On The Go Ministries
  • Park Community Church, Chicago, Illinois
  • Send International
  • TEAM
  • Team Alliance Mission
  • The Rocks Will Cry Out Ministries
  • That The World May Know Ministry, Ray Vander Laan
  • Through Jewish Eyes, Rabbi Daniel Kayes Thomson
  • Western Michigan University
  • Western Theological Seminary
  • Winning At Home Ministry, Dan Seaborn
  • Worldwide Christian Schools
  • Young Life
  • Youth for Christ